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  • equestrianism

    Equestrianism is one of Türkiye’s traditional and indigenous sports. Horses and horseback riding are very important for the Turkish people, and there are many equestrian facilities in Türkiye. Türkiye's varied natural landscape allows you to ride along paths and roads as well as in untouched nature. While riding a horse you can experience the real Turkish village life, the beauty of nature, the turquoise sea, and rural environments away from the crowds of the city. You can choose from a wide range of horseback-riding holidays in Türkiye. You will have the opportunity to discover Türkiye's breathtaking landscape on horseback, and travel in the green plateaus of our country. On organized trips, you will be accompanied by expert guides who help inexperienced riders learn everything from equestrian terminology to how to show a horse affection. You can find indoor riding facilities, riding trips for both experienced riders and beginners, plus opportunities to hire a horse by the hour. From April to October, Türkiye is the perfect destination for horseback-riding holidays. There are also many first-rate races and organizations for professional riders. Check the Turkish racing calendar and experience amazing moments.